Recommended Sportsbooks for MMA

The sports books we have listed below are all part of our recommended list. We stay on top of who treats their customers right, who pays out on top, and who can be trusted.  I’ll only recommend someone if it gets our total stamp of approval.  With that being said, here is the group that I am personally using.


The best part about this site is the reduced juice.  You’ll get as good of lines here as you will anywhere else.  The other bonuses are a large selection of props, so you can wager on round totals, submissions, knockouts, and a bunch of other stuff.  They get the lines out early, so you can get ahead of any line moves.  Plus, their limits are as high as anywhere else.  That means if you really like a fighter you can pound away without worrying about being able to get enough action in.


Established in Costa Rica back in 1998, this was one of the first books on the internet.  They also have a large selection of props on each major MMA event, but they also offer live betting.  That means in between rounds if you don’t like how your fighter is faring you can go with the other side.  Or, if you think you have the advantage and it’s going like you thought it would you can add a little action to your bet.  They accept players from all over the world.

Bovada or Bodog

Depending on where you live is which site you use, but it’s the same reputable company that I have had an account with since the early 2000s.  They have a really easy to use site.  They post the lines a little bit later than the other two books, but they do offer a nice reduced juice.  Plus, this place has a 50% free bet bonus up to $250 on signup and a large selection of MMA props on the major events.

It helps to have accounts at all three of these books.  The reason is pretty simple.  Fight A might be favored by -150 at one, -180 at another, and -160 at the third.  It makes sense that you be able to take advantage of the book that lists him at -150 so you can save money and maximize your chance of winning over the long haul.