About Lubki

I created Lubki to provide detailed MMA betting advice, tools, and news to help you win more of your wagers.  My goal is to centralize any news relevant to the fights and to give you a better chance at winning.  The key to cashing tickets is information, and that’s what I’m trying to give you.

Fighter Comparisons

If you are going to bet on a match then you better compare the fighters that are entering the cage with one another.  When I do a fighter comparison article I’ll look at their fighting style, rank, and physical attributes.  I’ll do a summary of each fighter’s historical betting odds so you can see how the lines makers opinions have changed on him.  I’ll look at their records and where they stand in their careers, plus add any specific news and notes on each one from around the web.

Odds Comparison

I would like to get the feeds from all of the top online sports books.  This way you can compare directly the odds from each one and get the best value on all of your wagers.  This is a work in progress.

News Aggregator

There is a lot of information about the major fights.  I’m going to pull it all together and group it so you don’t waste your time reading the same material over and over again.  Most of the articles here will be related to how to predict who is going to win the fight.

I’m excited to start this site to help you win more of your bets.  I hope you follow along and build up your bankroll.